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Oral Sex and Mutual Masturbation

Oral sex, also called mutual masturbation, is the act of caressing and stimulation of a sex partnerís genitals with the mouth. When there is vaginal stimulation, oral sex is called cunnilingus and when the penis is stimulated, then oral sex is called fellatio. Men and women reach out sexual pleasure through oral sex, not just foreplay, but also during and aftermath of sexual relation.
As for adolescents, oral sex is viewed as way of getting some sexual acquaintance, guilty free from rules-trespassing lash backs, and then remaining, theoretically virgins.  
Itís quite usual at the beginning of adolescence, until the period in which boys and girls really feel-like ready to have a sexual relation with penetration. Moreover, many adolescents employ this sake for sex in order to dodge any possibility of pregnancy, since this risk in oral sex is nonexistent.
A moisten touch on the genitals may be the prime responsible for pleasure feelings during oral sex, on top of that, with the tongue, are performed movements that stimulates the penis as much as the vagina and of which the fingers arenít capable.
Each one of us has preferences when it comes too given and taken oral sex, and there isnít, hence no righteous and no wrongdoing. Bear with me; be careful not to nick your partnerís, as it may hurts the penis or the vagina, another is to respect partnerís boundaries at this moment.
Oral sex enables that the couple experiences varying positions, amongst them the ever sought after sixty-nine, whereupon thereís mutual stimulation and further pleasure. During oral sex, thereís also exchange of caresses, which has a crescendo for sensation of pleasure.
Despite its commonness, oral sex isnít every oneís cup of tea. There are people who hold it as unhygienic, dislike the taste or the scent of the penis or the vagina.
There are people with phobias, insecurities and even prejudices linked to oral sex, but that usually has got to do with repressions of familial and social spheres other than clear and present danger if anything.
Itís down to each one of us to come to terms with it up until reaching acceptance of our sex partnerí desires, whether or not doing oral sex.
There shouldnít be forgotten that disliking something when it comes to sex has to do with phobias, hankers, insecurities and sexual fantasies of each one of us, and that respect is the best way for leading a healthy relation.
Whoever goes about oral sex carelessly, letís oneself in for HIV and other STD infections, even though the likelihood of acquiring this type of disease is less likely than during vaginal and anal sex. Infection occurs through infected vaginal or penial fluids that sip through the mucosa or into the bloodstream-mouth ulcers or genital lesions; HIV can permeate no matter how minute. 
Therefore, preservative wearing whether masculine or feminine is of the essence, as the only prevention mode of such diseases. Male condoms come in assorted flavors that can disguise the usual rubbery flavor of condoms, unlikely to happen with its feminine version.
Apart form that, itís imperative to bear that health comes firsthand, as risk taken isnít worthy.
Much as in all alternatives of sex, oral sex is accepted by some, slacked off by others, brings pleasure abound for those into it, but calls forth for care taken towards respect of otherís stance and of ourselves, preventing any given type of disease.
Sex is pleasure and neither concern nor possible health harms.
Anne Griza

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